Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How To: Recycle the clear plastic left-over from toy boxes (or any really)

Remeber these picture frames I made?

Well I finally found a use for them..

This plastic is from one of my DS's toy packaging.. I just ripped it out of the box
(there are some scratches, but you can't tell with the finished product)

Then I cut the plastic 3 3/4" by 3 3/4"

 then I rounded the points off with scissors

I cut a star and a flower from the George and Basic Shapes cartridge, using vinyl, then placed it on my plastic and smoothed out

Place the plastic into the frame (vinyl side out, it looks better), and then I bent the prongs to hold a picture backwards so that they wouldn't show through

Then hot glue the inside of the frame where the plastic will sit
(I tried the Glue pen first, but it soaked through the wood, lol)
and place the plastic in the frame

And Ta Da!  An easy and inexpensive piece of home decor

And the other one


  1. Hi Krystal!
    What a fun project, I would have never thought of that.
    I hope we see some of your submissions over at TMH.
    I am just learning to sew and have a segment "Sew be it" dedicated just to that so it may be fun for you to join me!
    Hope we see you around!

  2. That was really a good idea. Never would have thought of that. Have a wonderful New Year

  3. Brilliant idea. (I wish I saw this before I tossed all of our boxes.) Very cute!

  4. Very smart idea :)

    Thanks for sharing